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My name is Erik Kislik and I am 33 years old and originally from Northern California. I started chess in my teens, but stopped playing by 15. When I was in college, I decided to pick up my old book Kramnik's Best Games and I became inspired and decided to study chess seriously. I obtained my first international rating at age 20, then went to live in Spain and play for a team which was looking for players and offering them housing for the club. Within less than 4 years I obtained the international master title. After two years of coaching, I became ranked the number one coach on ICC for multiple months. My first book Applying Logic in Chess was ranked #1 on Amazon new chess releases for most of the first two months it has been out. Currently I am a full-time coach, an author, a professional player, and the coach of multiple grandmasters, including the 2013 Danish Champion and one player in the top 50 in the world.

Welcome to IM Erik Kislik's webpage!

This site will feature games, analysis, videos and book samples relating to high quality chess material.

I am currently the trainer and coach of multiple international master and grandmaster players. My intention is to use my expertise to help players improve as much as they possibly can and in a much shorter amount of time than they would with the vast majority of other coaches. Unlike most professional chess players, I started playing as an adult and was never great at raw calculation. I relied on using logical conclusions, introspection, and simple thinking to improve my chess, and this has a lot of appeal to both the struggling chess adult who would like to get stronger and the youngster who wants to jump ahead of his peers.

For those interested in getting direct feedback and pursuing a professional chess trainer, send an email with a pgn database of your games to and we can discuss creating a training program for you, which can allow us to move forward and pursue serious training goals.

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Skype: erikkislik

ICC: ChessSuccess

PlayChess: ChessSuccess

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