Currently I am the only coach in the world training three players approximately 2650 FIDE and above. I work with a wide range of players and have a lot to offer for players of all rating ranges. Even if you're a chess coach, I should mention: I have taught FIDE Masters how to give online chess lessons! I've also taught professional players how to use ChessBase efficiently, make opening books, and analyze their games in the most effective way. This can surely be of interest to serious players, and within two or three hours of lessons, you can have a solid grasp of how to utilize your resources like a professional.


A large part of the chess coaching world seems to be based on providing a low quality product at a poor price. I've resolved to do the opposite. I provide a high quality product at reasonable prices and offer the following services:

  • One-on-One Training (1 hour): 85 dollars. Continued lessons come with at least 30 minutes of homework for the student to work on and send back, which will help with your positional understanding and development.

  • Group Lessons (1 hour with as many people as you would like): 100 dollars

  • Training Games online with analysis (rapid time control): 70 dollars

  • Online Training Game on With Analysis: 45 dollars

  • Game analysis in text: 35 dollars

  • Information Analysis and Computer Specialization Lessons: 85 dollars per hour


All late payments will require an additional 1 dollar for each additional week that the payment is late. Please send all payments in advance. A cancellation fee of the price of the lesson will be charged if cancellation occurs within 24 hours of a lesson, unless an immediate reschedule is planned within reason.