This is what some well-known chess players have had to say about me:

"I first met Erik at the famous First Saturday GM tournament in 2011. We were competitors and my first impression from playing him was that this guy's openings were not very good, despite the fact that our game ended in a draw. We soon became friends and I was fortunate to witness his progression from someone feeling his way around, seeking a concrete and ideal methodology towards chess improvement, to a self-made International Master. Always passionate about any topics relating to chess, he is generous in sharing his knowledge. In one tournament I played, I utilized 2 of his opening ideas to great effect, scoring 2.5/3 against players averaging 2500 in rating. His diligence and determination are admirable traits and any aspiring chess player will do well to pick up these attributes from him, amongst others." - International Master Kevin Goh, Singaporean National Champion

"I have seen some of Erik's videos online. He is clear and accessible, so even a lazy guy like me can learn something from them. Listening to some of the Russian GMs hurts my ears, but clear English is a joy to listen to." - Norwegian FIDE Master Anders Hobber

"I met Erik in Hungary. I had no idea who he was, but I realized in a few minutes that he was a no-nonsense guy. In the chess world there's a lot of nonsense, and I figured it would not be a bad idea to hire him as my manager." - Super GM and Spanish #1 Francisco Vallejo Pons

"I met Erik Kislik during Pardubice Open four years ago. We played one game in which I was White and won, but it should have ended in a draw. I immediately saw Erik's fascination with openings and his will to work hard in investigating chess variations. We exchanged emails and chess material and I was fascinated with his deep analysis in the openings. He uses the most advanced chess programs with nuanced understanding and the analysis goes far in depth. His analysis has served me well on many occasions against various opponents in the last 3 years. In my eyes, he is more of a diligent worker (or author) than a practical player. This might explain why his elo rating is 100 points lower than it should be according to my knowledge!" - Grandmaster Bogdan Lalic, former Croatian #1.

"I met Erik at a tournament in Budapest. We did not say much to each other, but when we started discussing things, I realized he organized his openings pretty well, and was extremely specific about checking everything. I have always been a practical player who mostly relies on solving problems at the board, so it was a nice contrast to work with someone who solved problems more concretely in analysis. I thought to myself, "I do not know who this guy is, but whoever he is, I want him on my side!" If you have the choice here of the light side and the dark side, choose the EK side. It's the choice I made." - Grandmaster Hjorvar Gretarsson, top Icelandic player.

"I have been an active chess player and coach in Europe for 20 years and the hardest working player I have met is Hannes Stefansson. Even at the dinner table he's working on chess." - IM Satea Husari. "I don't agree with this quote. The hardest working chess player I know is Erik Kislik. When I'm sleeping, he's working." - Grandmaster Hannes Stefansson, 12-time Icelandic Champion.