More Details About Me

I grew up playing chess with no vision and no direction. When I was 13, I attended my father's Harvard Reunion and there was a chess tournament going on there. I barely knew how to play (only from toying around on my Simpson's chess set as a kid), but I decided to compete. Despite a terrible result which was completely expected, I developed a fascination for the game and saw all of the moves fitting together logically in high-level games that I analyzed and read about in books. Although I didn't even look at a chess board once from age 16 through 18, when I came back to the game, I had a strong passion for it and wanted to learn as much as possible first and foremost.


In 2008, I moved to Spain and played chess on a small club team. I was able to get away with wild attacking chess based on very superficial opening preparation. Later in the year when I moved to Hungary, the level of preparation was too high and I was punished many times for my careless and clumsy opening play. Over time, I developed a fine attention to detail. Slowly as I came into contact with more and more professional players, some other people started to take notice and decided to take me on as their trainer. Thinking deeply through problems is something that seems essential to me for those seeking maximum happiness in life. Chess fits into that equation perfectly for me.


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